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Personally, I'm not sure about Chanyeol and Joy but it's not Irene-D. SHINee's Minho will be skipping out on the upcoming SMTOWN concert in Osaka due to an ankle injury.SEE ALSO: [OP-ED] What's the Most Effective Method to Attaining Mainstream Fame as a Rapper?

Chanyeol-Joy (T/N: the 2 "couples" below are mentioned a few times among knets but their articles normally get lots of downvotes : S) 4. O-Irene Dispatch said that there were 2 other Exo members who were currently dating. O and Irene, but I'm expecting Chanyeol and Joy to be dating.

You were tried of everything now, it was time to end it, the lies, the possible cheating, the fame, the- you groaned thinking of all the reasons.

Though the pain in your chest told you that it wasn't going to be like what you imagine the break up to be like.

SHINee's intended comeback with their fourth repackaged album has also been delayed to give Minho time to recover.'SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Japan Special Edition' will take place on July 25-26.

Minho is also set to start filming for On Style's 'Because It's the First Time'.


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