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Invariably there will be signs that will push you to accept the inevitable i.e you are destined for an arranged marriage and you probably need help to figure out how to judge a guy in arranged marriage or what to talk in the first meeting for arranged marriage.

Current Partnerships: Matchmakers In The City – Beverly Hills, San Fransisco, New York City – New York City Relationship Consultant Known for matchmaking the “who’s who” of Hollywood, the Conti sisters are the founders and Executive Matchmakers at Matchmakers In The City (formerly Matching Up), an internationally recognized personal matchmaking company and mobile App headquartered in the heart of Beverly Hills.

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For nearly 5 years, the Matchmakers have traveled the world matchmaking CEOs, celebrities, professionals, and athletes.

With their main office just blocks away from the world-famous Rodeo Drive, the Matchmaking sisters bring old-school, personal matchmaking to Beverly Hills in the family-owned flagship location, with other locations in San Francisco and New Jersey.


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