Gavin degraw dating rachel

He also praised Smirnoff for her expertise and guidance throughout the competition.

So basically, De Graw might be a loser on ‘DWTS,’ but he went out like true winner.

Click through to see Megan Fox mate with a Hobbit, Calvin Harris make out with one of Taylor Swift's best friends, and Mischa Barton seduce Enrique Iglesias.

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He told host Tom Bergeron, “It’s been amazing to be part of the show,” and explained how grateful he was to have his family with him during his run.

His favorite song, "Mercy," is about being in a tumultuous situation with a person post-breakup, yet they still can't find a way to let you go."It's the one concept that is so relatable across the board to everybody," Young said.

"You get to that point where you're like, 'listen, if you ever loved me at all, you need to let me go,' because it's almost impossible to move on unless you completely cut ties."On the topic of love, the country heartthrob revealed a major quality he looks for in a lady."I'm really big on people that speak their minds and say how they feel but are also kind and generous," Young said.

“She didn’t want to talk to anyone,” said an onlooker.

“She looked like she had been crying and kept to herself.” She also skipped out on the Empire Hotel after-party.


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