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With the given claims account, we’re able to impersonate to the original Windows account in the most cases (there are exceptions which will be explained later).BDLC uses for impersonation the "Claims to Windows Token Service" of Share Point, so this service has to be activated in every claims-based environment with BDLC. This change will affect your Share Point application immediately, no IIS reset or application pool recycling necessary.

I’ve written a one-off script (Console App) that loops all lists with a Managed Metadata field on all sites in the site collection and ensures the Taxonomy event receivers. I’m guessing the Optional/Required setting of the Managed Metadata field is involved somehow, but I didn’t really confirm that through testing.One more imprtant thing to notice list event reciever and document libraray event reciever are different interms of contextual data avaialability.Following Table will give you a clear picture about the contextual data in each events.I tried reproducing that configuration in a new document library but there everything kept working, so the issue had to be with the existing library.Further analysis, comparison and reflection showed that the problematic library was missing some Taxonomy-related Event Receivers.Today I was troubleshooting a customer farm where Managed Metadata would remain empty in Share Point, even though it was filled in correctly in the document’s Document Information Panel.


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