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Sometimes it might happen that all folders on your pen drive are gone!

There are some shortcuts with same name present there and that points to some weird files (usually .scr).

Marine Le Pen's campaign co-ordinator has claimed that France could break into civil war, if the nation continues to be hit with terror attacks.

Thursday's murder of police officer Xavier Jugele by ISIS fanatic Karim Cheurfi is the latest in a long list of Islamist attacks in France.

He said: 'She [Le Pen] is the only one who can heal the division in this country because she is the only one to call for authority back in the streets of Paris and the state must use its authority to restore state power in the streets.' 'If the state is feeble, you will have massive terrorist attacks – more and more in quantity and deaths, and this time, there will be civil war.' The leading candidates have clashed over how to keep citizens safe in the wake of the attack, as residents in overseas territories were pictured casting their votes.

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This collection is also a study in language and communications.

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