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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has his own, fairly scientific take on the gesture, telling this writer, “Most people do it wrong, and I’m not talking about outstretching the thumb."My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. However, I could tell he didn't mean someone who was clinically depressed!Simmons flirted, she sang for him, and she took him home — “because he was quite persuasive, and I like men,” she writes.‘Married with Children’ cast reunites to honor Katey Sagal At first, she says, “I thought Gene was really weird," But she also thought “he was cute and had a lot of confidence.” When he paid attention to Sagal, something inside of her “bloomed” she recalls.Bush — along with millions of sports fans for numerous teams.Hardcore metal fans liken the symbol to resembling “devil horns,” while another hand symbol is used by the Japanese group Babymetal; theirs is meant to invoke and mimic their personal deity, the “Fox God.” The closed-thumb version’s use in music has a well-documented history, though Simmons’ version may be different. Paul Stanley told the several hundred fans on hand, "We wouldn't be here without you. It has our name on it, but everyone of you is responsible for it." The exact address of the KISS star is listed as 7080 Hollywood Blvd.

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During her wait for the X-factor auditions, she explained, ““It’s just hard when the crowd turns into a mob of pictures and someone elbows you in the face to get a picture of your parents, and you turn around and go ‘that’s my dad, can you not push me out of the way?Dio — nee Padavona, who died in 2010 and was a solo artist as well as lead singer of Rainbow, Elf and Black Sabbath — addressed his use of the gesture many times. Yes–because I did it so much, especially within the confines of Sabbath,” he explained. Later, I was told it meant, “I love you” in sign language.” whose cover artwork was a drawing of the Beatles created by Heinz Edelman.As he explained in a 1990s interview with this writer, “I’m of Italian extraction; my grandmother and grandfather on both my mother’s and father’s side came to America from Italy, and they had superstitions.” As a child, he’d walk down the street with his grandmother, and “she would see someone and [make the devil’s horns]. Someone was giving us the evil eye, so [with the horns, my grandmother] was giving us protection from the evil eye. “Because I’ve been lucky enough to have done it so much, it’s been more equated with me than anyone else,” he concluded, “although Gene Simmons will tell you he invented it — but then again, Gene invented breathing and shoes.” Simmons, who submitted an onstage photo of him making the “I love you symbol” in his trademark application, told this writer during a ‘90s interview, “What I started [before Dio] involved the thumb outstretched. I started doing it because of comic book artist Steve Ditko, who created both Spiderman and Dr. Spiderman used it upside down when he shot out webbing, and Dr. Scholars have surmised that Lennon was supposed to be making the “love” sign, but the thumb was not extended in the illustration.The next day he tagged along to her band rehearsal, and liked what he heard.So he took them to meet Neil Bogart, the president of Kiss' label, Casablanca — and Bogart signed them on the spot.I don't want to hear f--k all about "the world as a harsh place." She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life. By the way, you walk up to the same guy on a ledge who threatens to jump and put a gun to his head, "I'm going to blow your f--kin' head off! He meant just some little whiner who stubbed his toe and is all, "Oh, woe is me! Yes, he should have thought a little bit of what he was saying, but I thought he made his point clear.


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