Inner game dating women

And while the pickup "outer game" stuff sometimes worked to "spike attraction" or create brief moments of connection (after a LOT of work)… Despite my relentless efforts and work to learn how to "do attraction right," I would inevitably feel her slipping away. *In case you don't recall, Decker is my friend who was a messy, scrawny, geeky, penniless chump like me who couldn't get a beautiful woman to give him attention unless he lit his hair on fire.

and between my best friend Decker and I, we studied EVERYTHING: Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Buddhism, endless self-help books and even hokey New-Age manifestation stuff… I even tried Tony-Robbins-style "state change" stuff, but it didn't work.

The strength of your inner game directly affects how you learn and apply dating techniques (i.e. Often, a strong inner game alone is enough to have huge successes with women. It’s based on: It’s a basic human need to have a reference with which they can predict the outcomes of different events with reasonable certainty. And because you rely on this reference to explain things around you, you would try to maintain its correctness of by ALIGNING your experience with your existing reality (which is in turn REINFORCED in the process).The so-called “inner game” is essentially your mindset.It’s perhaps the most important element of dating and seduction.Seduction | Guide To Seduction | Meet Women Online | Free Juggler Techniques PDF Adam Lyons | World Top Ten PUAs 2010 | Latest Seduction Articles | Seduction Methods Top Rated Advisors: Vin Di Carlo | David De Angelo | Richard La Ruina is about sorting ourselves from within.It concerns understanding, tackling our misconceptions, and developing the right mindset.Much of what we believe about attraction and seduction is made up of misconceptions that have been hard wired into us through our upbringing. Our mindset affects our reality and others around us.


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