Six degrees of dating pelicula

Su título hace referencia a la teoría de los seis grados de separación.

The plot of the film was inspired by the real-life story of David Hampton, a con man and robber who managed to convince a number of people in the 1980s that he was the son of actor Sidney Poitier.

Their prized possession is a double sided Kandinsky, one side that represents control, the other side chaos.

They relay a story to their friends and acquaintances that over time becomes legendary.

Two socialites find their view of the world changed when a young man takes advantage of their preconceptions in this thoughtful comedy-drama.

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The Elliotts told Guare about the story and it inspired him to write the play years later.

Beyond the attraction of talking Paul into getting...

I saw Stockard Channing do this play on Broadway, and it remains one of the best theater experiences ever.

It is their encounter with a young black man who they had never met or heard of but who comes stumbling upon their front door one evening as they are courting an important investor, Geoffrey Miller, who could make them wealthy beyond what they could have dreamed.

That black man is Paul Poitier, who has just arrived in the city, was just mugged outside their building and is sporting a minor knife wound to the abdomen.


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