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The only problem is that you have to find the perfect spot; the side of the highway isn't exactly the most romantic of locales." Honestly, I've been staying up way to long And nobody gets it, no matter what I'm confessing If I told you I'm hurting, no ones down to address it They hear my words, not the message Baby, I'm used to this lesson She's standing there like always looking at me and says... ] Baby, leave your struggles in the streets Take your aggression out on me You know I'm always down to be Discreet discretion [Verse 3: Ivan B] They say I sound like this, you say I sound like him I write what I go through, there's no playing pretend Could care less who you think I am, all of you I can see through Kids wanna rap, man, I do this cause I need to This life ain't a movie, you ain't getting a sequel This world is so beautiful, I'm just sick of the people Our flag says united, but nobody is equal If people didn't kill each other, things would be simple!Looking up to God like, "Give me the strength" Surrounded by evil, but it ain't breaking my faith Talking to too many people to find the feeling you gave You can find someone new, but nothing is ever the same Looking at the mirror like, "You're not to blame" Lying to myself as if I'm not in the rain Cause look, even if you're feeling numb, you'll feel all the pain And every nights just the same and all this mics ever saying is... ] Baby, leave your struggles in the streets Take your aggression out on me You know I'm always down to be Discreet discretion Released on July 18th, 2016, Ivan B’s “Aggression” is an emotional track featuring intoxicating vocals and a harmonious contemporary R&B instrumental.Word spread and before he knew it, Qambrani had 13 girls in his home, all wanting to become boxers.At that point, the coach knew he had to find a space and an official program for them.Lucky for you the Rides team does everything in our cars, and we mean everything (trust us, you don't want details).


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