Updating dataset to database speed dating scunthorpe

EDIT: I have commented the three lines that were required to make the code work. When you concatenating two sql strings, you better add space at the end of first string or at the beginning of second string.As Gordon Linoff pointed out your sql statement is incorrect.And also setting parameters and the values need to be change depending on the type of the parameters.

Now I want to be able to update the data base with changes made in the user interface of the Website.Here I want to let you know that every changes that we have done with dataset, Dataset retains the Row State value for each row and then according to this Row State value.It perform the appropriate operation(Insert or Update or Delete).For more information on saving data from a single data table back to a database, see When updating related tables in a dataset, it is important to update in the proper sequence to reduce the chance of violating referential integrity constraints.The order of command execution will also follow the indices of the . Rows[1][3] = "S"; //Then updating the database My Sql Command Builder com = new My Sql Command Builder(mydataadapter); mydataadapter.


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