Accommodating culturally diverse learners

In today’s classrooms teachers work with a variety of students with a diverse range of backgrounds and therefore a wide variety of learning needs.Statistics show that Canada's foreign-born population is at its highest level in 70 years and Canada’s visible minority population has tripled since 1981 (Coalition for Equal Access to Education).IEP students have a variety of disabilities and needs.

They’re just not always sure what the appropriate way to blend into the class is.

When it comes to individualistic fitness, the physical education teacher can help students learn how to design their own fitness plans and monitor their progress through logs so they can see how much better they are doing at one or another exercise or game.

For example, a fitness plan may include climbing a rope and seeing if the student gets faster over time.

However, in many schools, regular education teachers face a roster of students with Individualized Education Programs and don't have the benefit of a co-teacher.

Having some strategies to meet the needs of these students can make the process less scary for teachers—and more successful for students.


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