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When I get a document notarized, I present my photo ID to a notary public.Generally, I go to my local bank, where many of the employees are notary publics and I don't have to pay a fee for the service.CSA STAFF NOTICE 51-320 - OPTIONS BACKDATING As a result of recent media attention about the apparent backdating of options in the US, Canadian market participants have expressed interest in the dating of stock options granted by reporting issuers in Canada.Staff in the jurisdictions represented by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), are publishing this notice to communicate our understanding of this issue in the Canadian context.

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living 'separate and apart'* for more than one year; 2. If you are filing for divorce based on separation, you can make the first filing before you have been separated for one year, however the second filing cannot be made until on or after the one year anniversary of 'living separate and apart'.

Signing a separation agreement is a very important step.

Your decisions now can affect you and your children for the rest of your lives.

A separation agreement is a contract that you must honour.

The law leaves the decision about having a separation agreement to you.


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